Here we are before this mythical river that is the Mekong, when we are on the other side of the shore, we will be in this country that is Laos. But before passing this natural border we think with a big smile to our host of the day before: Mr Qwin, who brought us here with his old pick up accompanied by the friendly Soy.

No time to be nostalgic, a new country awaits us and what a country! Before our eyes the magnificent landscapes pass. They are all extraordinary, we feel like we are immersed in the scenery of great films.

We really fall in love with this country. Each village makes us discover different scenes of life, the consumer society seems to have no control over life. The houses are often on stilts and of great simplicity.

The river is at the heart of everyday life, allows the irrigation of crops (main activity), sailing, fishing, women beating clothes etc ...

At the level of the photo, I have never been so frustrated that here, I miss so many photos of landscapes and scenes of life so photogenic, because we see them most often of the platform of a pickup or, A truck that took us to stop where it is impossible to take photos so much is agitated by roads battered.

In the morning, it is the roadsides that come alive, adults and children walk along to join the fields. Vehicles often have to zigzag between pigs, chickens or ducks that cross.

The scooter and the bicycle are very used means of transport, but often guided with one hand, the other regularly holds an umbrella, it must be said that here it is very hot.

The temples and monasteries as in Thailand are numerous. There are also monks who in the morning reap the gifts of the inhabitants who await their passages patiently on their knees.

We could continue to tell you for hours everything that surprises us about this country, maybe in the next article ...


Time flies in Laos! We are almost already at the gates of Vietnam.

What memories will jostle us in our memory of this country that surprised us all along our passage.

Dream landscapes, unusual scenes of life, rich and generous gastronomy, human encounters like those Vientiane elders who come with pleasure to speak to us in French, smiles and many other things.

We will remember the policemen of Northern Laos who invite us to drink the famous "BeerLao", but also of those who woke us in the middle of the night to tell us that we can not sleep at this place and that after little discussion we Lets gently camp for the night, followed two hours later by soldiers and two hours later by new police and leaving us every time after negotiation with a "good night" and a clench of hands and yet we had to put our tent in full Middle of the park of the presidential palace.

I also remember that it was in Vientiane capital of Laos that my old black backpack returned the soul and here I am with a new companion on the back.

And so many other anecdotes ...