We had been waiting for a while for a self-propelled guest to bring us into Bulgaria

We were beginning to lose hope when a beautiful Audi with tinted windows stopped. At the wheel a man looking straight out of an Audiard movie: "OK for Sofia !!!" We are in the mood for sure Sofia is available to us in less than two hours! Especially since apparently it is allowed to roll much faster than what the panels recommend, whether it is continuous or dotted lines it is the same it doubles. One wonders if one calls "the aunt of Montpellier" agreed signal between us to indicate a danger and flee!

The driver is very different from the one we met until then, speaking good English but not wishing to go too far when asked about his life. Here we are at the border. It shows willingly to the Serbian customs officer that we are French hitchhikers. As soon as we are out of sight of the customs officers he stops abruptly and makes us understand that he is of the Bulgarian mafia. We ask to go down without any form of politeness. Here we were on the dazed roadside, we were no longer useful to him, we had just helped him cross the border more easily.

Not many people to stop us, we decide to find a place to plant the tent. At the moment we find this place, no time to place the bags, a kind of large armored 4X4 comes out of the woods in the distance and goes down the hill in the middle of the lighthouse and howling horn. A guy arriving from the other side stuck us between him and the SUV.

After a short interrogation, the customs officers explained to us that they had taken us for illegal immigrants trying to cross the border. They immediately rush us to the road.

5 OCTOBER 2014

Plovdiv beautiful city where we slept two days (once in a park and the other time in a wood).

We have both fallen under the spell of this culturally rich city (Candidate City to be Capital of Culture 2019). The old town is full of thousand treasures, the pedestrian streets are paved with old stones. Some houses are beautiful and steeped in history (see pictures), the Orthodox churches are richly decorated inside and sometimes covered with magnificent frescoes on the outside. Here the epochs are multiple: neolithic, Roman (one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire), medieval, modern and contemporary.

On one of the photos you will notice the amphythéâtre designed by Marc Aurele

Cats are numerous in the streets that changes us because since then it was mainly stray dogs that followed our path

It is not unusual to see a grandfather in the corner of his house surfing the internet, it is true that we are in the country where the computer was invented.

We leave on the road full of beautiful things in mind, direction Istanbul!
Photos de bugarie