8 OCTOBER 2014

A month of traveling on the roads and taking an important decision on our journey, after many notices found here in Istanbul, but also on various sites and government sites. It is with great disappointment that we decide after several days of reflection not to cross Iran by earthly voice. The news does not allow us to live as we want this country that tempted us so much. It would have been impossible to get off the beaten track by hitchhiking and to go where randomness guides us.

So we decided to take a plane to Turkey for Kazakhstan, promising to return to make the crossing of Iran when the situation is more adequate and we will be more experienced in the trip by autostop.

While waiting for the visas, we will leave Istanbul on the roads of Turkey to discover the landscapes and the inhabitants. We will not fail to tell you all about it.

Very soon the adventures of "Lolo and JD in Istanbul! "

10 OCTOBER 2014

I stanbul is immense, and seems to have no real plan of urbanization. The buildings are as far as the eye can see, as more than 14 million people live there.

Here one leads to the horn, priority to the most reckless and the circulation in the main axes is uninterrupted 24/24.

The Stambouliotes are always ready to inform us and help us at best.

After several days of negotiations, we finally get free for a first visit.

Direction The blue mosque and AyaSofia (Holy Sophia) where already an impressive world is there. Here mingle religious, tourists, beggars and various sellers of all ages (many children work there). There are shoe shiners, sellers of pomegranate juice, guides, grilled corn and chestnuts, crowns of false flowers etc ...

The visit of Ayasofia is unfortunately too expensive for our budget, we postpone the visit of the blue mosque, we take the option of the "Mysterious Cistern Basilica (Yerebatan Sayari) This structure built by Emperor Justinen in 532. It counts 336 Columns in marble and granite.The cistern was originally used to store water for the great palace of Byzantium.

Magical experience of walking along its columns where the water sometimes stirs by fish that wander among the columns. One feels the different mysteries and legends that occupy the place, like these two heads of jellyfish supporting columns. There are several explanations between magic and history about their presence, but none is certified.

An unforgettable moment of our trip!

11 OCTOBER 2014

For the first time of our arrival in Istanbul we decided to give ourselves a full day to walk, with the ultimate luxury of our luggage in consignments!

Very early we are in front of the metro to reach the district of the "grand bazaar", too early since it is not open yet (more than an hour and thirty ahead, we do not laugh!) Then we hang around Hundreds of boutiques around it are first the cafe-makers who open shops the first amateurs of çai (Turkish tea widely drink the most drunk far in front of the famous Turkish coffee) are already seated, then open the pastries, well Before the other shops (clothes, carpets, jewelery etc ...).

It is 8 am the doors open "the Bazaar of Spices", there in front of us it is a spectacle of colors and perfumes. Traders become artists and their works their shops, spices and sweets are presented as gems in a jewelry store. The moment is perfect to take full advantage, very few visitors to see this set-up show, those who have already finished are more busy drinking their sai brought directly by coffee makers than trying to sell us their products. I am entirely free to take pictures while Lolo takes advantage to live this moment that seems to leave a count of a thousand and one nights.

9H it is the turn of the Grand Bazaar to open these doors, the place is beautiful, we expected a "bazaar" shop small "bouiboui", in fact we find there in large part high-quality stores Craftsmen and second-hand dealers with extraordinary objects in a fantastic setting.

Around 11 am we rush into a very small restaurant as recommended by a famous guide to have the place so much it is appreciated by the traders of the Grand Bazaar. The restaurant does not pay mine but the welcome is very friendly far from the solicitation of restaurants to tourists. Our dream of a day continues, it presents us the different dishes to choose, the dishes to the beautiful colors and the tasty perfumes, the suite is a delight for the taste buds for less than 7,50 euros saï and water included per person.

To be continued …

15 OCTOBER 2014

The belly full of this succulent restaurant. We take the direction of the blue mosque this time decided to discover the interior.

It arrives at the moment of the prayer, impossible to enter for the visitors. We place ourselves on the large square in front of the entrance, this place was an old hippodrome. We sympathize with a shoeshiner, so he makes tons in his way to accost tourists; Possible customers; While calling us to see him better. He has a real talent as well to find customers as clown. For us it is a great moment of fun and exchange.

It is time to leave it to be all in front when opening the doors and so avoid the big world.

The mosque is gigantic and dazzling with details and beauties. We do not have all the symbolic codes to admire it at its true value, but we see a great sense of the harmony of shapes and colors. We feel good despite the world that is beginning to arrive behind us. We are, however, shocked by the lack of respect for certain visitors for this place.

To finish this day, we decide to visit the tombs of 5 sultans (Mehmed III, Selim II, Ibrahim I and Mustapha I resting on the side of their relatives) located on one side of Aya Sofia. It is again a pleasure of the eyes, one admires the top of the top in terms of calligraphy, paintings and Ottoman gifts. Almost all alone to visit them because the tourists seem not to be interested however the place is free. It reminds us of the Louvre where the tourists pass before works essential to the history of art without taking a look to pile up before the Mona Lisa. So much the better for us and for this day that we will keep in our memories.

Photos Turkey here