Since last night we are no longer in France!

Everything happens now without a real galley, we are super happy and happy to have this freedom that we have taken time to prepare.

We are currently at 18 cars that took us by autostop, all different but all sympathetic (message for Sylvie we did not have to mention the aunt of Montpellier) but we are lucky the most used brand so far ' Is BMW! We even went into Nice in BM convertible, that the life of adventurer is hard.

We wanted to go to Monaco but we were not ready to deal psychologically with too much poverty;) so we decided to go faster with a lovely couple who played the great guides in their area. We went up to Saint Agnes, which is said to be the highest perched village in France. We enjoyed it a beautiful area! Thank you Sarah and Maxime who made us cross the border.

We are a night at the inhabitant's home, a night under a tent and a night under the stars at the edge of the beach. We have the great shape!

We are ahead of our forecast

Thank you for being many to follow us, since the day of departure the stats explode! We have surpassed over 2000 unique visitors


After well advanced the first fatigues arrive, we decide to pose to Aquileia (in French Aquileia) two days to better prepare our entry in Slovenia.

Hitchhiking in Italy is really not easy, we are told that people are afraid of being stealing the car through this intermediary.

We saw in this crossing of Italy beautiful landscapes.

Very contrasted places, like the city of Genoa where we felt a lot of nervousness, and unwelcoming, Paris at side seems peaceful. West Italy is much more peaceful and pleasant to live.

Passage to Venice, very nice city, but we would have liked it better with fewer tourists and life is fading. We have seen, appreciated, but it is not a destination that we especially want to remake one day.

We appreciate even more where we are now, much less crowded, coffee at a euro and a very rich city at the historical level.

If not for the adventure sides with the first thunderstorms there is: difficulty managing the linen, short nights etc ... but everything is well we are happy this first week and we start to find what we were looking for, like to regain lost pleasure Simple and simple things like sitting on a chair, drinking broth with pasta etc ... all those little moments that take on a whole different value when it is after some effort.