We have been in Bishkek for a few days, the weather is superb and the Kyrgyz fans enjoy strolling around the capital, squirrels walking around enjoying the 23 ° C. I said to Lolo: "They must have been wrong in the meteorological forecasts I do not see tomorrow to be in the rain and the melted snow ... Just 5mn later a cloud of leaves carried by an icy wind rises before us. The city goes out.

It is really impressive we are happy to be hosted since the previous night at the inhabitant. We throw ourselves like everyone else on the first bus that passes. When I went out, the public lighting did not come back, I tell Laura to pay attention to the holes, with the icy wind and her hood she does not hear me ... and falls into a hole ten seconds later. It must be said that here many sewer plates are missing. Luckily she gets back up with scratches and future blues.

We finally arrived at our host relieved because it is already damn cold! NOOOON !!! The door is closed !!! He left to party now we only curl up ribs to ribs sheltered from the wind. We never saw it in just over an hour more than 20 ° C lost!

A friendly neighbor after a while arrives to open the door, we can finally make a good hot soup and prepare our long walk under the snow of tomorrow towards the embrace of China where we arrive half an hour before the Closing, which will not prevent us from seeing us close the doors under the nose!


After a long wait and many efforts to obtain our Chinese Visas, we have just recovered the sesame which will open to us twice the borders of this great and fascinating country rich in culture and history. We are eager to see this country, but before we have to cross Kyrgyzstan and its mountainous landscapes.

We would like to thank the people who helped us obtain the visa: Mr and Mrs Lepage, Alain Fauconnier and the municipality of Saint-Affrique, Marie-Pierre, Katherine, our friend from Bishkek and Aurélia from Shanghai.


Before us walked Katherine
He had a nice name, our guide
Minas Square was white
The snow made a carpet
And we were following this cold Sunday
Katherine ...

How to leave Bishkek without winking Katherine and Bécaud's famous song that delights him. She kindly agreed to welcome us in the family apartment without asking us in return.

This tip of 20-year-old woman did not hesitate to give her time to guide us in this capital so complicated to move without ever losing her smile. She followed us in our administrative procedures while laughing at our antics. Without forgetting that she regaled us with a good Russian meal of which her family is native and she especially made us want to discover a little more Kyrgyzstan.

11 NOVEMBER 2014

Here is some of our news on the road to China.

We go very well despite a setback that you will be told later if you write a book later.

The landscapes that we cross are extraordinary, unfortunately you can not really transcribe them by photos, the autostop does not allow to make the best possible photos, especially when you have to take pictures of the car and often behind tinted windows!

11 NOVEMBER 2014

Here we are in Gul'Cha at more than 1500 m altitude, the objective of the day is to arrive in China during the day, without really believing to see the mountain roads of this beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan.

We position ourselves to stop at the exit of the city. Opposite on the heights we have a sculpture of a great eagle and on our left that of a rider advanced by two tigers.

A big Lada (very frequent car here) takes us in stop. Super is a SUV, it is not luxury seen the road waiting for us. In the car two brothers with whom we sympathize very quickly, so much that the songs Kyrgyz and French echo in the car after twenty kilometers. Great moment when we start the Marseillaise and they take again in heart the music!

They are also two great guides of their country, they explain to us the beautiful symbolic of the traditional kyrgyz hat "ak-kalpak". We describe the impressive landscapes that challenge before our eyes of which three majestic mountains named "Karl Marx" "Lenin" and "Stalin"

Marat (proud to wear the name of a French revolutionary) our driver mastered perfectly the road made dangerous by snow and ice, some were caught. He stopped us to take the break at 3600 M altitude !! (Photo 13 and 14)! We gather in front of the stele of a young engineer of 25 years died there in 1933 during the construction of the road (photo 16) and we do about ten meters to observe the statue of a Snow Leopard who live in the region.

They leave us at Sary-Tash last small town before China at 3100 m altitude. The farewells are warm. This is one of the very nice encounters and moment of our beginning of round the world. At Sary-Tash we are the attraction of the day for children returning from school after a morning of work while others play tobogganing. The cows as in Gul'cha walk freely in the city.

On the other hand not great traffic, but luck smiles after two trucks, the third agrees to take us. What a view from the cabin, but also from the fears seen the state of the road. Luckily our driver knows his job well and the road.

After the Kyrgyz control he leaves us at a small village just before the Chinese border telling us to hurry as the border will soon close!

We quickly take our bags a few meters and a military car advances us nicely to a first passport control, we make 500 m walk along trucks at the stop. We arrive before grid ... close !!! A driver reassures us and surprises us by telling us that they are closed just for a meal break from the customs officers. Half an hour later the doors open, second passport control and the walk resumes in the icy wind, this time it is a kind of big military "Jeep" that picks us up in the stop to the main control. The Chinese authorities control us and search our bags with class and smile, we are surprised by their manners. I laugh when Laura mimes a puppet to explain that white patches are for the joints and Laura laughs when I burn fire alarms to show that it is not drugs (it's true that it could be confusing).

16 H (actually 18H for China) it's time for them to stop work, so we spend the night between Kyrgyzstan and China in a room they attribute us, like the taxi that We will take the next day to Kashgar our first Chinese city!