It is from a cafe in Valjevo in Serbia that we write to you.

In a few days we fell under the spell of the Serbian welcome.

To start a two-day break at the Zasavica Park Reserve. Only in the campsite our hosts nevertheless, did everything to make us feel good!

We tasted a specialty Serbian: La Goulash and a breakfast of Serbian cold cuts. The park is perfect, beautiful things to see and a relaxing quiet.

The village reminds us Serbian truth: modest living (average wage average 200 euros), the houses are small some self-built by their owners who live there often before it is completely finished. All the houses seem to be a miniature farm (chickens free in the garden, fruit trees and sometimes even sheep left by the road to graze).

It left again the holidays.

Quickly a truck takes us, there we are 100% in our round the world: Dump truck practically nonexistent on a road dented where where every 5 meters a chicken could have nested with his chicks. If we add to this the traditional music radio with the volume at the bottom that resonates in the cabin and its driver who only speaks Serbian, doubling at full speed of the vehicles pulled by horses ... That the superb convertible of Nice is far !!!

Then a farmer from the corner alias "Drago" deposits us in the small village Vladimirci. We take the stop while Draco will drink the aperitif in the house just behind us at his friend named Ljuboje.

5 minutes later they are approaching timidly towards us to invite us to chat around a table by the roadside. Speaking English and French as well as we the Serbian, everyone is a little frustrated.

Ljuboje decides to leave in his local car "the famous Yugo" by signaling to us that he returned. What to do ? It makes between dog and wolf we have to make a decision to stay or resume the stop. On this, he is already back! A passenger leaves the car with a great "HELLO !!!". Katia, French postman, expatriate for some years.

Through it we discover that Ljuboje is a peasant baker, later in the evening he took the time with great pride to show his farm is his bakery. The evening continues with our two Serbs and our interpreter who allow us to better know Serbia. (See the next article "the legend of the cursed road!").

We are particularly touched by the person of Ljuboje man with big heart!

He invites us to sleep at his house, while he will be at his batch until two o'clock in the morning.

In the morning Katia gives us an appointment for a great breakfast. Serbian and a super class shower !!!

Super class like our three superheroes of the day DRAGO, LJUBOJE and KATIA.

Little thought to the friendly and sweet Nenad of the family of Luboje with the stature of wrestler, fan of ZAZ !!!

It is the tears in the eyes of our baker that we go back to our future adventures!
The Revenge of the Apple Tree

If in France the bouquets bloom sadly along the roads, in Serbia for the same reasons they are the plates of marbles with photos engraved. The place where we found the most is on the road to Vladimirci. This is where our Serb trio (Drago, Katia and Ljubone) tells us this terrible legend.

"At the time of the former Yugoslavia, a member of Tito's government killed himself by hitting one of the many apple trees along the road, and Tito decided to cut all the apple trees one by one.

Since that day, the road would be cursed, indeed the curse wants that there be as much death as apple trees slaughtered. We are added as an example that at the crossroads in front of us, there have been seven deaths in the last three years ... We look at each other and decide that we are going away to plant the tent ... "

Since the last article, we are still good and we continue to discover this Serbia full of contrast, although the stop is more difficult in the south of the country. The most used vehicle is Incredible is the taxi !!! We used it three times for free including two over long distances.
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